Upgrade from JOSEPHA to JUNIE
Upgrade from JOSEPHA to JUNIE
Upgrade from JOSEPHA to JUNIE
Upgrade from JOSEPHA to JUNIE
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Your changed your mind? You prefer to buy the necklace with the bigger pendants? So here is your Upgrade from JOSEPHA to JUNIE!

Congratulations, good decision ;)

JUNIE is part of the MEMORIES collection. 
Personalization is a beautiful way to add intimacy and meaning to your jewelry, whether it’s for a loved one or yourself. Tell your story on a piece of personalized jewelry with a meaningful message, monogram, special symbol or a significant date. The possibilities are endless. The message is all yours.

Alternating seven small tags creates a simple but extravagant design. This asymmetrical necklace is a modest statement piece. 
Tell YOUR story and moments of YOUR journey throughout life by adding lovely engravings to this timeless pendants.

This item is also available in sterling silver called JEWEL and in 20k yellow gold plated called JULIANE.

By ordering this necklace you get up to 14 free engravings, front- and backside engravings! 
But as you never know what the future will brings you have the possibility to leave pendants blank. Simply send us the necklace the day you know wich meaningful message, monogram, special symbol or significant date you want to add to your pendants. We will add the missing engravings for free - you only pay the shipping fees!

Please choose for each pendant your desired engraving from the drop down. In case you choose Initial(s) or a date please use the text field under the drop down to write the Initial(s) or a date you would like us to engrave.
At the end you have the possibility to choose the font for your engravings.
The size of the initials and texts can vary slightly depending on the font and the length of the text. We put the greatest effort into ensuring that the engravings are well placed and proportional to the pendant.

If you require further assistance or if you have any questions, please contact our customer care service or email us at contact@judithjules.com.
We would be delighted to assist and support you with our Know-How.

Material: 9K rosegold plated 925 sterling silver
Lengths cm: 56 cm / 61 cm (adjustable)
Lengths inches: 22” / 24” (adjustable)
Pendants: ø 10 mm
Spring ring clasp: ø 6 mm

Please note: engraved jewelry are not eligible for return, resize, or exchange!