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FLORA is part of the TALSIMAN collection.
TELL YOUR STORY. The possibilities are endless. The message is all yours.
This collection designed at Judith & Jules has been made with the idea of offering something, which can be a part of one’s journey throughout life. 
Each piece tells YOUR story and marks different moments of YOUR journey throughout life. Dainty lucky talismans symbolizing a myriad of messages!
Messages of love, happiness, hope and strength - each one different and unique.

Tell your story on a piece of personalized jewelry with a meaningful message, monogram, special symbol or a significant date.

Very delicate and handmade bracelet out of 925 sterling silver and a durable and colorfast nylon cord. A romantic engraving gives a lovely personality to this timeless pendant: a round tag in all its simplicity.

A small Tree of life branch accompanies this Name. As a mythical symbol of immense and enduring strength the Tree of Life with its seeds, branches and roots signifies the structure of a family. The tree's roots being the family roots whilst the trunk represents the strength of family bonds and the branches are the members of the family.
It can also represent life's journey, growing from a seed into a mature tree and then bearing fruit, the seeds from which restart the process.

The engraving on this pendant contains:
- ONE name (as shown on the images)
- ONE branch of Tree of Life ornament (customizable – see VARIATIONS)
The size of the initials and texts can vary slightly depending on the font and the length of the text. We put the greatest effort into ensuring that the engravings are well placed and proportional to the pendant.

Instead of the branch it is possible to add those ornaments to your pendant:
- Fleur de Lys – see bracelet LILLY
- Heart – see bracelet CORA
- Eternity Sign – see bracelet AMARA
- Fatima Hand - see bracelet LAYLA
- Lotus Flower - see bracelet SANOUK
- Your personal ornament – please CONTACT us for more information!

There are two options to add an engraving on the backside of the pendant:
Add on 1: a date
Add on 2: the weight and the size

Material: 925 sterling silver (18k (rose) gold plated), nylon cord
Lengths: 17 cm (baby), 22 cm (standard), 25 cm (large)
Pendant: ø 10 mm
Clasp tag: 4 mm x 10 mm

We recommend a change of the cord every 3-6 months to avoid surface deterioration.
Weather your wristband has become a little worn or dirty through everyday wear or you’re craving a new color let us change it for you. We will polish your pendant by hand and change the band to your preferred color.

N.B. Obviously, the right of revocation (return, resize, or exchange!) is NOT applicable to engraved items.