Judith & Jules is a jewelry line based in the South of France and Germany, created by the German architect Linda Müller. Born in Germany under the zodiac sign of Pisces, she is exceptionally gifted artistically. Creativity rules her world.
Although she graduated from a technical college of architecture with a Master's Degree, Linda found her passion in jewelry design. She has always been fascinated by hands-on art.
After working for five years in architectural design she moved to France, the place of bafflingly effortless, incredibly chic sense of style.
German exactness and meticulousness coupled with French fashion sense creates the perfect balance in each and every piece created.
Central to Judith & Jules design philosophy is the idea of playing with structure and contrasts. Fine architectural pieces are touched with delicate details and designed with clean lines.

Designed and carefully handcrafted in the South of France, each piece is held to the highest standards by using durable and high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, vermeil, gemstones, leather and silk. To maintain their quality and authenticity each piece is customized and handmade to order.

“My jewelry is simple and delicate, graphic and ornamental. I love the slight play of different textures, matt or shimmering smooth …
playing with light, color and shadow...
the true nature of silver and gold...
the glow of colorful precious stones like delicate sparks in motion…
simple, unexpected elegance. “

“Each piece tells a story and marks different moments of your journey through life.
Every collection designed at Judith & Jules has been made with the idea of offering something which can be a part of one’s story - YOUR story I see my jewelry as a companion,
portable at any time, day or night,
hardly noticeable on your skin,